• Social and Emotional
    Learning Resources

    This website is a host to engaging videos, evidence-based curricula, parent engagement programs, professional development resources and the communications tools that educators and youth-centered organizations need to promote positive social action and improve community culture

  • Prevent Substance Abuse in
    the Early High School Years

    Help students build resiliency and make positive decisions to assure a healthy future — especially when it comes to drugs, alcohol, marijuana, heroin and OTC and prescription drugs. RRR, Refuse. Remove Reasons is a compelling, evidence-based video and print resource curriculum designed to decrease use of substances and increase the perception of harm and negative consequences of substance use. RRR is an approved curriculum and is listed on the NYS OASAS Registry of Evidence based Programs.

  • Reduce Underage Drinking
    By Taking A Stand

    The Risk Is Real campaign is dedicated to reducing underage drinking. Whether you’re a teen, a parent, a teacher or business owner, you can take a stand against underage drinking and support the health and safety of kids in our community.